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Again thanks for getting them on the path and please keep us posted on upcoming events.I have what i believe is a 11 cent peice but not sure it is about the size of a dime on wjat looks to be a dime on the side.If you would like some help on the United States coin values, I recommend you check out this link and the links within this story.

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I had so much fun talking with them and they seemed so engaged.Do you know where I can post them to receive comments about their value.A close image of the coins, both their obverses (heads) and reverses (tails), will help mr determine just how much these coins are worth.Please check out this page for some assistance on the values of many scarcer silver dollars.Check out US Gold Buyers on Yelp. We buy all Gold and Silver coins.

The 1845 is in nearly new condition and the other is in good condition.Again another reason I am so thankful that a few peoe like you make themselves available to those of us in the dark.

Is there anything I can do to get more than a fraction of the uncleaned value for a legitimate rare coin.I too am needing someone in Arkansas to appraise some coins for me.Our company is a Member of MetroWest, Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce, BBB and American Numismatic Association.If the dark spot is sunken, it might be a lamination error of some type, but I would need to see a blowup of that section to provide a more certain assessment.It would be key to get your piece authenticated before selling it, especially coins of potentially high value such as your 1776 Continental piece.Your best bet is to bring them to your local coin dealer and have him or her inspect them in person and offer a bid.I found a new obsession just last winter during the blizzard.

If you found your coin in circulation, it is worth face value.Columbus Ohio Coin Dealers Appraisal Services - We Buy Coins.

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My son found a coin that has been double stamped while in the making process.Buy and sell gold coins, gold bars, silver coins and bars, junk silver and bullion products.

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I am not sure if these pics are representative of the whole collection but unfortunately I am not able to spot the special coins among the rest so I mixed all up.This Quick Tip page will show you exactly how to find a local, Certified coin dealer near your location.

I have several rare coins, that I would like to know there valve.I saw where there are different ones due to a foreman catching the error before all were circulated.Milwaukee cash for gold and rare coin dealers appraise, buy, and sell gold, silver, platinum, jewelry, and rare coins for collectors CALL Greater Milwaukee Coin at.

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I had a bunch of old coins my grandfather gave me. Welcome to Gold Traders America.I will continue to try to make my collection and enjoying it more than I ever anticipated.

Obviously your keen eye is something that u worked.on since 11 yr ols boy and I am having trouble finding approaching 50.I lean toward thinking the silver globs, which appear to be raised, might have been added at some point later outside of the mint.Outside investors observe the steady price growth of this Altcoin, expecting the price to multiply in the near future.

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We are the trusted choice for selling your gold online or in person.

Let us know if there anything we can do to make your coin buying or selling experience better.That being said I am gonna send a pjc of a 1973, not my fav wheaties but I got it back as grocery change and noticed something strange in the chest area.Offering both bullion and collectable gold and silver US coins.Many knowledgeable coin dealers can tell a fake coin from an authentic one pretty easily.I have not had it certified or graded by a professional, but have emailed to get a quote from Heritage auctions.

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While many people seek a coin appraisal for insurance purposes, the bulk of those getting their coins appraise do so to find out how much they can sell their coins for.Free shipping!.

If you could give me an estimate of value if it has any, that would be great.I believe that no matter how long one has done something, there is still more to be learned, and I can certainly prove that through my experiences in moderating this forum for nearly a decade.And a searchable list of coin dealers who belong to the Professional Numismatic Guild.Based on what I see in these two photos, if the coins here are representative of the others you have, it looks like you have a diverse bunch of interesting coins that are largely considered common in the scope of world coin collecting.I guess a lot of research sparked my imagination into wishful thinking.This dealer locator is designed to help you locate a United States Mint bullion coin seller near you.Joshua, My Mom passed away in December last year. She was 93.If you are looking to sell your entire collection or just a few coins, we can buy them.Over the course of time, each coin picks up dings and hits that will impart some surface differences in the way the coin continues to wear after receiving surface abuse.

These are readily available at U.S. bookstores and on Amazon.Although I may now be banned now be from all family functions but it may be worth the sacrifice.I believe that it extremely rare, because it has a minting error.