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Fitbit is the industry-leader in connected health and fitness—empowering people to lead healthier, more active lives and reach their goals through data, insp.

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Delivering innovative GPS technology across diverse markets, including aviation, marine, fitness, outdoor recreation, tracking and mobile apps.No support to disgruntled devotees of your product, who have convinced so many others to use the product for so long.It is now impractical to wear it and have to recharge the device every day.As I expected, I had a very negative experience with your help desk.I have tried to solve my problem on you website, not finding anything close to an answer.The representative was very helpful but really at the very least I would have expected that fitbit offer to repair the device free of charge not the solution of purchasing an additional device as a solution. - Fitbit Official Site for Activity Trackers

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I appreciate the short wait time but not the answer I got to use a new fit bit.But when we go in your sight to track our steps, active minuts, and calories.

i need to claim warranty on my fitbit... - Tricia Range

The delivery was prompt but wrong size were delivered (small instead of large).I purchased a fitbit aria scale 2 weeks ago and set it up for myself as the only user.After again wasting time on hold I was connected to the Philippines and the rep said they would send me a replacement. They did. The replacement worked for exactly 2 days and then failed.Also why is it not keeping tract of the steps I go up and down.I go to bed at 11 om or so but the sleep hours are only from about 5 am to 8 am.

I have had my Fitbit charge HR since June, I wear it consistently and when I went to charge it the piece in the back that surrounds where you plug in the charge broke off and now I have a dead Fitbit that will not charge.In April 2017, a woman claimed her Fitbit Flex 2 malfunctioned and caught on fire,.I love my Fitbit and lost it several times,and fortunately found it. however, I Lost my Fitbit forever this weekend.I went online and have seen NUMEROUS complaints of this happening on SEVERAL websites and this is obviously a design flaw and you are not willing to fix nor stand by your product.

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A week goes by with no email so I called and you would have thought I ever called anyone to begin with, I wanted to cry because it got worse from there on, they said they were on doing a replacement with a doogle or what ever they call that thing and a charger cord.I am a disabled veteran and was using the fitbit during rehab after major surgery.We are curious to see if there is support from Fitbit to provide a set number of students with activity trackers to assist in their challenge.The Australian customer service phone number listed here is wrong.However, that disappointment turned into frustration when I could not find any way to contact Fitbit, other than by email.

I have a faulty product and to date has not been able to talk to anybody at FITBIT.It is almost march and I am still not able to get to work this silly fitbit.I am puzzled why a company that is creating and marketing such innovative and useful products, and who obviously has some excellent people working for it in customer relations, like you, would choose to make it so difficult for customers to find the contact information necessary to obtain warranty help.The health and fitness product helps customers reach fitness goals and create a feeling of empowerment.My customer service rep was Perla, and she exceeded my expectations.I have already sent an email inquiry about my order, to which I have had no response.As you have discovered it will therefore not run on your PPC Mac using Leopard.We are happy to announce that the Vector Watch software platform and team are joining Fitbit,.

Let me first say thank you Gadi Amit and his team for for making Fitbit.This is its purpose to track you when you are doing exercise.I have only had my fit bit since August and the plastic piece that connects to where you charge it broke off and now it wont charge I need this replaced asap.I called and you personally could not have been more helpful.I have been wearing my fitbit and suddenly realized that the time changed to a wrong time over 2 hours off.